CBSE Maths Question Paper of Class 10: Analysis,Exam Review

CBSE Maths Question Paper of Class 10
Maths Question Paper of Class 10 Standard

CBSE Maths Question Paper of Class 10 :Format of the question papers of both Standard Maths and Basic Maths was the same for today’s board exam.

  • Question paper consisted of 40 questions for total 80 marks.
  • All these questions were arranged into four sections according to the following pattern:
Section Total Number of Questions Marks per Question TotalMarks
Section A: Objective Type Questions 20 1 20 × 1 = 20
Section B: Short Answer Type Questions – I 6 2 6 × 2= 12
Section C: Short Answer Type Questions – II 8 3 8 × 3 = 24
Section D: Long Answer Type Questions 6 4 6 × 4 = 24
Total 80 Marks
Math Que.
2Real Numbers33
4Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables32
5Quadratic Equations21
6Arithmetic Progressions45
8Coordinate Geometry34
9Introduction to Trigonometry34
10Some Applications of Trigonometry22
13Areas Related to Circles11
14Surface Areas and Volumes33
Final WordOverall PaperEasyAverage
NCERT90% Questions 60% Questions
Previous Year….30%
New and Tricky10%10%

CBSE Maths Question Paper of Class 10 :CBSE Class 10 Basic MATHS 110 Important Questions

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