UPSC IAS Book List :Prelims and Mains

UPSC IAS Book List Prelims :

Read Complete Syllabus:UPSC IAS Syllabus and book list



Ancient History of India

Medieval History of India

Modern History

Indian Art and Culture

Environment and Biodiversity

General Science

  • General Science books – IX and X standard
  • The Hindu (Note down and read about the latest scientific terms, discoveries and inventions frequently mentioned in news)


UPSC IAS Book List GS Mains:

Indian Art and Culture

  • An Introduction to Indian Art – Class XI NCERT
  • Chapters related to culture in Ancient and Medieval India NCERTs

Modern Indian History

  • A Brief History of Modern India- Spectrum Publications
  • India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra (Read selectively for topics not covered in the Spectrum book)

India’s Post Independence History

World History


  • Same as for prelims

Indian Society

  • To understand the basics, read NCERT Sociology Std XI and XII.
  • Make concise notes on each topic that includes: a crisp definition, latest statistics, govt schemes, criticism of these schemes; causes of issues such as communalism and regionalism, historical and current examples, their impact on our society, and your suggestions as the way ahead.

Polity, Governance and Social Justice

  • Laxmikanth
  • ARC 2 (One of the best reports ever written for the government. It has been more than ten years since the reports were published, but the content is still priceless. Memorise only recommendations)

International Relations

  • Current affairs


  1. Same as Prelims
  2. Budget
  3. Economic Survey
  4. Reports

Indian Agriculture, Land reforms, PDS, Food Processing, LPG, Infrastructure


  • Vajiram and Vision IAS material

Disaster Management

  • Fundamental reading: CBSE book
  • Prepare concise notes on NDMA (structure, functions, rules etc), international agreements such as Sendai Framework, latest current affairs from newspapers, internet and coaching material.
  • Draw diagrams to illustrate concepts like river embankment, land zoning, watershed management etc.

Environment and Ecology

  • Shankar IAS book
  • Current affairs

Science & Tech

  • Current affairs

General studies-4

  • 2nd ARC reports: Ethics in Governance, Promoting E-gov, RTI, Citizen-centric Administration, Personnel Administration. Read all ARC reports completely, memorise only recommendations.
  • Try to define each term mention in the syllabus in clear words and simple sentences.

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